A Valuable Partner

Our unique approach to R&D goes beyond science and makes us an ideal partner for pharmaceutical companies and others working in the antiviral and liver disease areas. Being nimble, while maintaining focus allows us to work with a variety of partners to bring our research to where it will do the most good.

Today, we are working collaboratively with our partner AbbVie (the former research-based pharmaceutical business of Abbott Laboratories), who share our commitment of advancing our compounds as quickly as possible in order to treat patients with chronic hepatitis C virus around the world.

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AbbVie (formerly Abbott Laboratories)

In December 2006, Enanta and Abbott announced a worldwide agreement to collaborate on the discovery, development and commercialization of HCV NS3 and NS3/4A protease inhibitors and HCV protease inhibitor-containing drug combinations. Under the agreement, Abbott (now AbbVie) is responsible for and funds all costs associated with the development, manufacture and commercialization activities of paritaprevir, ABT-493 and any other compounds under this agreement. We have received from AbbVie $315 million, consisting of an upfront license payment, research funding, milestone payments and an initial preferred stock financing. We are eligible to receive annually tiered, double-digit royalties  per product, based on annual net sales allocable to paritaprevir or to any of our collaborations’ additional HCV protease inhibitors, as well as commercialization regulatory approval milestones payments on approval of any future protease inhibitor, including ABT-493.

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