READS was our first engagement group and inspired our CEO to introduce other ideas. Our goal in READS is to choose engaging books related to business or healthcare that can spark some lively discussion.


When the weather started to improve, employees resumed JOGS, a running club that had started years ago. So far, employees have run the 3 Beach Minimum Half-Marathon in September, with plans to select other races in the future.

As we return to some in-office time, these groups continue to grow and offer an opportunity for new employees to meet and bond over common interests.


SPROUTS began in the Spring when Dr. Luly called on Enanta garden lovers to join a seasonal group and plant their favorite vegetables.  


SNAPS began as a virtual Enanta photography club, with employees discussing different strategies and providing equipment tips. During each meeting, a theme is planned for the month and then everyone reconvenes to share their latest pictures and favorite photo posts. Between meetings, the group shares photos they’re proud of and exchanges comments relevant to photography.


EATS started as a virtual Enanta cooking club, sharing recipes and photos of culinary achievements. Employees created a group “Slack” channel to comment in between monthly meetings. Some EATS members participated in the American Liver Foundation’s “Cuisine for a Cause” fundraising event and followed along virtually to make delicious meals while supporting a great cause.