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Enanta Twitter Guidelines:

Welcome to Enanta Pharmaceuticals Twitter community. The goal of our Twitter account is to provide useful or interesting information related to Enanta and the industry in which we operate. Please review our guidelines to ensure responsible and respectful content.

  • We work in a highly regulated environment and we can’t engage in sensitive topics, or discussion(s) about our product candidates, clinical trials, financials or any legal or regulatory matters.
  • Tweets by @Enantapharma are intended for informational purposes only.
  • Enanta Pharmaceuticals has no duty to update this Twitter feed.
  • Enanta Pharmaceuticals does not endorse the comments or products of its followers or of any Twitter accounts it follows.
  • Enanta Pharmaceuticals may provide links or references to other sites or articles as part of its tweets, but this does not constitute an endorsement of those materials or any of the information that could be accessed through a third-party website.
  • Tweets from members of the public do not represent or reflect the views of Enanta Pharmaceuticals.

Certain content may not be replied to and/or may be deleted from the Enanta Pharmaceuticals
corporate Twitter feed; examples of such content include but are not limited to the following:

  • Violations of copyright or intellectual property of others
  • Mentions of misleading or deceptive content
  • Content that includes drug or treatment options
  • Violations of Twitter’s Platform Rules
  • Content that provides health or medical advice
  • Spam or messages not related to Enanta Pharmaceuticals or any of its areas of focus
  • Content intended to recruit followers for others
  • Content that is offensive or derogatory

Please note that Twitter has its own policies. For more information, please view the Twitter Privacy

Thank you for abiding by these guidelines and for following @EnantaPharma.