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Partnering with Enanta

Collaboration gives us the opportunity to accelerate development of treatments and cures we discover for serious diseases. Our world class research and development team believes in the power of partnering with premiere academic, biotech and pharmaceutical leaders to expedite drug discovery and development. It was our successful research and development collaboration with Abbott (now AbbVie) that resulted in commercialization of VIEKIRA PAK® and MAVYRET®/MAVIRET® – two medications for hepatitis C virus that have cured more than one million patients globally.  

We actively seek collaboration and licensing opportunities that complement our existing portfolio and areas of research focus. We partner to accelerate development and commercialization of our existing pipeline, as well as to conduct clinical trial collaborations with our pipeline and external compounds to deliver optimal treatments. We also look to identify, advance and/or in-license promising assets and technologies related to the treatment, cure and prevention of viral infections and immunological diseases. To learn more about partnering opportunities, contact us at

Brendan Luu

Enanta’s vision is to transform the lives of patients with curative therapies, and we seek to collaborate with companies that share this goal. Through our partnerships, our objective is to extend our reach and bring best-in-class medicines to patients sooner.– Brendan Luu, Chief Business Officer

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In November 2006, Enanta entered into a Collaborative Development and License Agreement with Abbott Laboratories to identify, develop and commercialize HCV NS3 and NS3/4A protease inhibitor compounds, including paritaprevir and glecaprevir. Read More »

The agreement was assigned by Abbott to AbbVie Inc. in January 2013 in connection with Abbott’s transfer of its research-based pharmaceuticals business to AbbVie. In February 2009, Enanta and Abbott initiated a Phase 1 clinical trial on a protease inhibitor for hepatitis C virus (HCV). This work led to the successful development and commercialization of VIEKIRA PAK® and MAVYRET®/MAVIRET® – two cures for hepatitis C virus.

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In September 2011, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases provided funding for preclinical and early clinical development of a new class of bridged bicyclic antibiotics known as Bicyclolides.

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In February 2012, Enanta entered into an exclusive collaboration and license agreement with Novartis for the worldwide development, manufacture and commercialization of its lead development candidate, EDP-239, from its NS5A HCV inhibitor program.

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In July 2004, Enanta entered into an agreement with Shionogi to develop and commercialize an antibiotic for the treatment of community respiratory tract infections.