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Why Enanta?

At Enanta, you’ll find a group of individuals who are passionate about their careers and committed to the vision of transforming the lives of patients with curative therapies. Working at Enanta isn’t just a job, it is an experience – the Enanta Experience – where you have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders with years of deep biopharma expertise. When you join Enanta you open the door to many opportunities in your career journey. We continually strive for positive employee engagement. In fact, approximately 10% of our employees have been here for 15+ years. Even as we are growing, we continue to preserve the culture that makes Enanta unique.

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While many people join Enanta for the professional opportunities, they quickly come to value the unique culture. Each day, employees are empowered to reach their full potential and to have fun while doing so. Our work policy blends the best parts of remote work and in-office collaboration. We believe it is important to create an environment that best supports your performance and well-being. The Enanta Experience goes beyond having cold brew coffee, great snacks and happy hours. It involves working with a group of people who truly care and are aware that for the company to be successful, everyone has to be fulfilled in their career. When you are part of the Enanta Experience, your work is noticed and rewarded, and the difference you make here matters.

Staying Connected

During the pandemic, we were seeking ways to continue employee connection, and one employee suggested the creation of a virtual book club. This program became known as READS. Employees from a wide variety of disciplines in the company chose their first book with the caveat that it was healthcare related. This inspired our CEO, Jay Luly to launch other ideas such as EATS, SNAPS, SPROUTS and JOGS.



EATS started as a virtual Enanta cooking club, sharing recipes and photos of culinary achievements. Employees created a group “Slack” channel to comment in between monthly meetings. Some EATS members participated in the American Liver Foundation’s “Cuisine for a Cause” fundraising event and followed along virtually to make delicious meals while supporting a great cause.



SNAPS began as a virtual Enanta photography club, with employees discussing different strategies and providing equipment tips. During each meeting, a theme is planned for the month and then everyone reconvenes to share their latest pictures and favorite photo posts. Between meetings, the group shares photos they’re proud of and exchanges comments relevant to photography.



SPROUTS began in the Spring when Dr. Luly called on Enanta garden lovers to join a seasonal group and plant their favorite vegetables.  



When the weather started to improve, employees resumed JOGS, a running club that had started years ago. So far, employees have run the 3 Beach Minimum Half-Marathon in September, with plans to select other races in the future.

As we return to some in-office time, these groups continue to grow and offer an opportunity for new employees to meet and bond over common interests.



READS was our first engagement group and inspired our CEO to introduce other ideas. Our goal in READS is to choose engaging books related to business or healthcare that can spark some lively discussion.

Giving Back to the Community

Whether it be participating in the American Liver Foundation’s Liver Life Walk or volunteering at Cradles to Crayons, Enanta employees are always eager to support worthy causes.


We are committed to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and our local students. For the past several years we have had Watertown High School students visit Enanta’s labs for “Lunch and Learns” with our scientists, and we have offered internships. We are also involved in activities such as partnering with Victory Programs, a Boston-based nonprofit organization, to assemble students’ backpacks for back to school season.


Core Values

At Enanta, our core values were purposefully created with our corporate vision in mind: to transform the lives of patients with curative therapies. We strive to abide by these values on a daily basis; not only to transform patients’ lives, but to foster a culture of collaboration and inclusion within our company.


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