Board of Directors

Lesley Russell, MBChB, MRCPb

Lesley Russell MBChB, MRCPb was elected to our Board of Directors in November 2016. Dr. Russell served as Chief Medical Officer of Innocoll Holdings Plc., a public biotechnology company, from April 2016 until November 2017, prior to which Dr. Russell served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer of TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals, another public biotechnology company, from August 2013. Dr. Russell was a medical executive with Cephalon, Inc. from January 2000 to 2011, most recently as Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer from September 2006 until October 2011, when Cephalon was acquired by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Russell served as a Senior Vice President and Global Head, Research and Development for Global Branded Products from the acquisition until July 2012. Dr. Russell previously held positions in medical research at US Bioscience, Eli Lilly and Amgen. Dr. Russell serves as an independent director of Imugene Limited, an Australian public biotechnology company, Chimeric Therapeutics Limited, an Australian public biotechnology company, and Scopus Biopharma, a public biotechnology company. Dr. Russell holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) from the University of Edinburgh and is a member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP), UK.